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Yoga Professionals


Yoga is One Truth and Yet Has Many Different Paths.

Posted by Yoga Professionals on November 8, 2018 at 1:05 AM

Yoga is one truth and yet has many paths to union. Through creativity, curiosity, adventure and

stillness explore emerald forests, pristine mountains and inky black oceans, physically, emotionally

and metaphorically, both inside and out. Peek under shadows, deep into closets, hang upside-

down, fly with grace, surf tides and nature's cycles, teeter on the edge of comfort and pain, joy and

devastation, traverse liminal worlds playfully, lovingly, mindfully to return triumphantly with the

golden elixir. Whether your unique language shines through words, music, movement, food, design,

share your findings and radiant silence - gift this magic to the world.

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