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The Yoga Journey - The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Posted by Yoga Professionals on November 19, 2018 at 9:35 PM Comments comments (0)

I had such a lovely message from one of the earlier Yoga Professionals teacher trainers (2011) recently, her name is Lilli Stewart and like so many certified teachers now she is one of the many  beautiful YP family out in the world sharing the light.

Receiving her message reminded me of how our experience with yoga’s magical unfolding is a gift that keeps on giving, plus the connectedness of us all, many years after our circumstances in the outer world have changed. 

Lilli was a student of Conrad's and also student of mine back even further when I was living and teaching in East Sussex, along with her whole family they would come to class together and what was surprising was that for someone so young. I think she was maybe late teens, early twenties at the time her ability to be able to ‘drop into the space’, ie be present and was astounding to me it seemed she had been practicing for years. I know when I was Lilli’s age I couldn’t sit still for more than a couple of minutes (ADHD and mild Asperger’s, but that’s another story). When she decided to train to become a teacher I knew exactly who could be her mentor.

Millennial's Looking For 

Conrad and I often talked about how we'd noticed there seemed to be more millennial’s turn up to class, with huge amounts of intuition, creativity, sensitivity and love turning up to class (possibly Indigo Children?). Maybe they had recognised on some level they needed to ground themselves back into their bodies and learn how to contain and channel such a huge amount of energy with so many distractions in the modern world. Have any of you noticed this in your classes?

I saw this too many times to not recognise it as a phenomena. The young student would find a space, roll out their mat apprehensively but within a moment or two into class a wave of calm washed over them, almost relief, as if to say oh wow I needed this more than I knew and they take to yoga like ducks to water. Saying that, whatever age I think we can all recognise that feeling of relief and 'cosiness' in our first yoga classes.

Here are Lilli’s beautiful words that she shared with me by permission.

It is thanks to you, Wayne, that I was lucky enough to have studied with Conrad on the YP London course back in 2011.

I feel so grateful to have practised and studied with such amazing teachers. Also Sujatha, who Conrad had teaching on his course (back then). My memory of going into class with the Chidanand chants playing

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Conrad had such a huge heart and bloody wicked sense of humour with so much knowledge light and care he shared..we miss you Conrad. Rest in peace.

Love what you share on the YP blog and at YogaProfessionals108.

Yoga, the Gift That Keeps on Giving.

Thank you so much for sharing your kind words, thoughts and feelings of your YP yoga journey Lilli, they have been such a gift to me like your presence on the ttc was to Conrad too. Your message reminded me of my own wonderful and generous teachers. and their gifts to me, that I now share.

Also how blessed Yoga Professionals has been to have such gifted teachers over the years, thank you to them all for supporting the students and Conrad in sharing his vision of the yoga traditions, passing on their own knowledge, yoga experience and lineage ☺ It should be Guru Purinama every day.

I am truly grateful to all those who came before and those I share the journey with now.

Anointing Our Flaws With Gold.

Posted by Yoga Professionals on November 12, 2018 at 10:55 PM Comments comments (0)

I really have no clue about the Japanese art form of Kintsugi, repairing broken ceramics and highlighting the cracks with golden ‘veins,’ yet I the concept and aesthetic of it, I'm drawn to it. Somehow it adds a certain extra beauty that for me wasn’t there in the original ‘perfect’ version. You might be thinking what does this have to do with yoga, bear with me.

Inspired by the artistic process I wrote this simple haiku:

Tea bowl shared with grace,

hard wood fails to break its fall;

anointed with gold.

With a little digging and curiosity on the subject of kintsugi I found some basic information available on the internet and with a few of my own thoughts thrown in documented them below. The subject stimulated me to consider the use of the gilding art form for ourselves, and honouring our own many broken and flawed traits. It took a deeper and more healing turn as I explored the enlightening subject futher, but I'll come to that a little later.

Kintsugi and Golden Repair.

Kintsugi translated from Japanese means golden repair or golden joinery and is the art of repairing broken Japanese ceramics and highlighting the chip, crack or broken pieces with gold dusted lacquer.

The Japanese aesthetic highlights, instead of hiding or denying the broken pieces of the previously perfect object. The imperfect bowl or vase, as an example, were even more highly prized and venerated for their flaws and imperfections.

This idea of embracing flaws can be seen as a reflection of the use, value and ‘life journey’ of the object and representative of how only in our fantasy does the idea of perfection exist.

In reality there is no such thing as perfect and shows our unhealthy obsessions and judgements we have today in the modern consumerist society and how maybe we have lost the ability to see the beauty all around us.

Darker, Yet More Enlightening Variation On The Haiku.

In the original haiku above the focus is on the flaw in the ceramics and expanded to consider how this can be a symbol of our ability to accept and love our own flaws, but an alternate version of the haiku below, explores a little deeper and considers the ultimate ‘imperfection’ of life, that of death.

Shadows held with grace,

hardwood failed to break their fall;

anoint with love's gold.

I think of this now as my younger brother Conrad has recently died and I'm filled with raw feelings and confused thoughts, including those of his 'broken' physicality, something that can't be repaired.  Sometimes it is difficult to accept the abruptness and finality, and the loved ones ‘shadow’ can hang heavy before we can let go and find the light. Now I can see why I am so drawn to the art form.

Evermore so vivid and poingniant as I prepare to take his ashes to India, to the banks of the river Ganges in Varanasi, the sacred city of death and liberation (Moksha). I am both nervous and excited to fulfill his wishes to be taken there and let him free, to join with the great mothers waters and to become part of such a holy city.

Death And Our Own Golden Flaws.

The whole of life is in a continuing state of flux and decay and we are surrounded by flawed man-made and organic structures including ourselves and nature screaming fragile and imperfect. Including emotional, psychological and physical scars that have made us the broken glorious sum of who we are today.

The ‘broken’ idea of the dead, a beloved animal or loved one passed on and outside the ideal of ‘whole and perfect’ challenges our own ego 'perfection' and mortality. In witnessing their light extinguished, we must consider our own life, our light, for a while at least leaving us vulnerable and lost in the dark.

Can we find it within us to shine a light on the dead? At their most ‘vulnerable' and 'broken' time and honour them with gold, like the Kintsugi ceramics, brought to life and re-visioned, to remind us of the life they once lived and take an even more beautiful place in our lives now. Is this what the ancients mummification and entombment in golden sarcophagi symbolised?

Maybe we can't gild our loved ones but we can honour the vitality and essence the deceased once had, in memory of their lives, by living our own life fully, with vitality and tenderness enough for two, including venerating our own beautiful flaws and imperfections. Let’s gild them in shiny golden awareness and love, let the sacred waters of the holy carry their light, and our own within us for all to see, golden warts and all.


Yoga is One Truth and Yet Has Many Different Paths.

Posted by Yoga Professionals on November 8, 2018 at 1:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Yoga is one truth and yet has many paths to union. Through creativity, curiosity, adventure and

stillness explore emerald forests, pristine mountains and inky black oceans, physically, emotionally

and metaphorically, both inside and out. Peek under shadows, deep into closets, hang upside-

down, fly with grace, surf tides and nature's cycles, teeter on the edge of comfort and pain, joy and

devastation, traverse liminal worlds playfully, lovingly, mindfully to return triumphantly with the

golden elixir. Whether your unique language shines through words, music, movement, food, design,

share your findings and radiant silence - gift this magic to the world.

The Feeling.

Posted by Yoga Professionals on October 31, 2018 at 8:45 PM Comments comments (0)

A poem inspired by the playfulness of a young Krishna and Conrad who was just as cheeky and loved to move and sing.

Why do you stop the feeling?

A song must be sung,

like the sun

bursting with stellar

radiant 'shine,'

it's your childlike delight,

your birthright

individual soul dance

waiting for a chance

to play...rise.

So meet me halfway,


I'll join you there

in the silence, the moment where

words stop,

worlds stop,

just the music plays

the magic takes place

you're neither here

nor there

a probable wave of light

of truth.

Are you ready

to bare,

be fully here?

We Are All The Love Disciples - Music to Musicals; Motivation to Bliss.

Posted by Yoga Professionals on October 31, 2018 at 12:35 AM Comments comments (1)

I've been thinking about playfulness this week (in contrast to the grief and heaviness I've been 'playing' with).

Conrad and I loved music.

It began in the early ‘70’s with Cilla Black, ‘Something Tells Me’, ‘Blockbuster’ by Sweet, both 7 inch vinyl, oh and then the Bay City Rollers ‘Bye Bye Baby’ including tartan scarves and rolled up jeans, haha (If you want an idea of what we looked like google it...we were 6 and 8yrs old!).

I went through a Ska phase and he went through an Abba phase.

Then the release of the gatefold Grease album - ‘78 was it? Influencing a whole new understanding and adoration for music (and musicals) and the super cool, JT and ONJ (well maybe in black lycra at the end for sure) jiving in the shake-shack,

‘You’re the one that I want,

you are the one that I want, Ooo Ooo Ooooo….’

We new Grease was sexy but who knew it was a spiritual musical?

‘Meditate in my direction,

feel your way…’


Music to Musicals to Motivation.

Conrad and I went on to express our love of music, dance and performance in school productions such as Pyjama Game, Oklahoma, Charlie Girl and so on, music was a HUGE influence even in our pre and early teens.

‘Oh what a beautiful morning,

oh what a beautiful day…’

Post-Punk heralded a whole new colourful era early Adam and the Ants, Siouxsie and the Banshees, synth groups like Japan, Visage, Human League, Soft Cell, New Romantic and Synthpop all taped from the radio. Inspiring us to choreograph dance routines and learn the lyrics by heart, we became real teen fans motivating us both in our own short-lived music careers and an important part of our journeys of self-discovery...more about that in a minute.

‘Don’t touch me please,

I cannot stand the way you tease…’

Music; pop and many other forms was one of the many ways Conrad and I would find expression, it seemed the only reflection of who we were inside in a world of banality, without actual real life playfulness and inspiration. Alternative expressons of masculinity and sexuality were a death sentence, not literally but almost. I’m going to quote myself from a piece I wrote I while back about my own experiences at that time;

‘It was treacherous navigating ‘self’ without a road map, guidance, or a single positive representation of masculinity — gay, straight or anywhere on such a colourful and beautiful spectrum of humanity.'

That is just the way it was and we had to deal with it. Music saved our lives and our love of music held us bonded together from that time. We often communicated through music in our adult lives, wherever we we were, in different cities, even countries away from each other. We would regularly send files, or links to old tracks or new artists we’d discovered (and comedy sketches too).

Even to this day I send music to another friend who I know did the same with my brother. My message now is ‘Conrad would love this, or this is for our kid.’ (‘our kid’ Yorkshire slang for brother). Conrad and I would also send mantra and heart-opening ‘yoga’ music to each other too.

The Love Disciples.

It’s strange and exciting to see how all the seemingly random events, the things that happen to us that drive and guide us closer to a higher and deeper experience of the same thing. Conrad and I’s many incarnations of ‘love for music’ took many forms, including as I said Conrad’s pop band in the mid 90’s, the Love Disciples (you can feel the yoga and devotional element that would manifest into his life 20 years later?)

Even back then Conrad had an intuitive connection to devotional to music, sound and vibration -

‘Higher, yeah yeah,

Higher yeah yeah,

Can you feel it take you higher?’

(Lyrics Conrad Paul, Love Disciples)

There is video footage of his band and some of their live performances but they’re stored away in England and I’m here in Asia so…

Conrad’s performances were super energetic and not only had he written the lyrics played and recorded the music, he sang and danced on stage (along with another singer Pearl with a range of an angel, plus a dancer and two back up singers).

He was a self-taught musician and recording producer and had his own digital sound studio. There’s more, he also coreographed the dance routines that went along with each song…he knew what he wanted.

My brother was super-creative and loved to entertain and also challenge us to greatness, with his cheeky grin and playfulness through his dancing, singing writing and teaching, he was taking us all on his journey, towards ourselves.

Performing in front of a crowd excited him, it was like the energy and ‘bigness’ inside him was matched outside…you know he loved an audience. It was though, always to share his joy in whatever form, to create a wonderful atmosphere for communication and community. He was always spirited and with an eye to direct the audience/class to that moment when it all comes together and the magic happens. When the mundane is transcended and we’re taken ‘higher’ into the Ananda, deep into the bliss,

‘Can you feel it take you higher?’

In that sense he was truly like his Sivananda assigned name Govinda like playful Krishna, the bliss whether his love of music, his love of yoga and more recently teaching the children in Phuket, Thailand, it always came from his huge heart, even if like us all he had his demons.

Devotional Journey to Bliss.

One of the major turning points in Conrad’s early yoga journey was his discovery of chanting; bhajan and kirtan and I think in a parallel universe he was and maybe still is, an all singing all dancing Hare Krishna devotee in total bliss down Oxford Street in London, very close to the Krishna temple and restaurant we would visit many times a week.

'Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna

Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare

Hare Rama, Hare Rama

Rama Rama, Hare Hare.'

A chant of pure love to the god Krishna and to our own original krishna-consciousness and the space where Conrad connected to his truth and heart.

The one thread through all of Conrad’s life whatever age, whatever challenges and obstacles he came up against, and whatever understanding of the cosmos he had, was his playful cheekiness, his smile and his desire to share the joy for life.

‘Can you feel it take you higher?’

Yes, yes, yes, we are all the Love Disciples.


Conrad’s other chanting favourites:

Gayatri mantra.

Asoto Ma Sadgamaya.

The Rudra Mantra or Om tryambakam.

And the global wellbeing prayer,

Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu.


Inspiration - To be Filled with the Breath of the Divine.

Posted by Yoga Professionals on October 14, 2018 at 9:50 PM Comments comments (1)

This past week I've been considering how our life, my life to be precise, my attitude and behaviour impacts the world around me. Considering how my actions make an impact daily. Whether I am filled with positivity and life, living authentically and conscious of the vibration I am putting out into the world, for my own benefit yes, but also others and the environment around me too.

As a species we seem to be making more and more negative impact on the planet, the literal terra firma we stand upon and the animal kingdom that inhabit every corner. We are decimating indigenous cultures and our human history and in the process our psychological and spiritual selves. 

The life we life, consumerism, pollution, ideological polarisation etc., is having such a harmful effect on us that we are poisoning our home, for ourselves and our animal neighbours, our communities live in fear and a sense of lack. Is it me or does it seems the whole human species is angry, hurt, depressed, lonely and physically sick? 

I'm sure as yogi's, creatives and humans, in general, we are all looking to do everything possible to open our hearts, minds and spirits, to make a less negative impact on our environment and build loving communities. We are looking to share Gaia and this cosmic journey with other like-minded inspirational souls, but sometimes we can feel lost and mighty lonely.

One-Dimensional to Multi-Dimensional.

So where are the fellow journeymen and women to share with us on this path? Wise and inspirational role models to shine a light in a more heart-centered, positive direction. 

There is only so far as individuals we can go, so we look out for friends, like-minded souls or an inspirational teacher, a guru; the one who leads us from the darkness, guiding us towards the truth and light. As we go deeper down the rabbit hole we certainly need a light to see the way as the steps seem only to manifest one at a time. 

The guru/student relationship and its ancient traditions have shared teachings, knowledge and practices through the light and lineage of the guru and just as important today, if not more with the way things seem to be heading. 

These dark times call for the one who carries the light to share their higher vibration, passing on this cosmic technology, inspiring us to greater depths.

Basking in the Light.

What if we cannot find an inspirational teacher, what to do then? Nature can be another excellent teacher, every part has its own wisdom to share and inspire. 

Observe the trees, animals and landscapes; the Rishi's shared the importance of nature with us through the names of the postures? Mountain, Tree, Eagle etc. Yes it seems the postures look like a tree or a fish, but they are also guiding us to study, to inhabit the life of these beautiful creatures to connect with all of creation.

When we interact with nature it impacts us both physiologically and symbolically through its very existence. 

Like the oxygen we breathe, light 'photosynthesised' through our eyes, on our skin and in our foods. 

Wonder in awe at nature's size, colour palette, seasons and stunning beauty. 

Another way to engage with nature is with a family pet, for instance, dogs can show us deep love and loyalty, the grace of a bird, or groundedness of a tree showing us 'the way'. How different do you feel before and after a walk in the park or the beach with your dog? 

Along with the spiritual guru, natures awe and nourishment, there are many inspirational and creative people, artists, musicians, storytellers etc. out there sharing their unique experience, wisdom and vision. Living their life, sharing their stories, teaching, art, whether in groups or one to one, working with love and gratitude. They are able to hold the space for us as we dive deeper into the unknown territory of our own personal unfolding and flowering.

Eventually, our own practice allows chinks of light to soften the armour we have clothed ourselves in to protect us from negative outside influences, though shielding us even from the positive and inspirational light too. 


To be Filled with the Breath of the Divine.

In researching this piece I checked the dictionary definition and etymology of the word inspire and like many words have multiple meanings. One is to 'draw out', another to 'spur on', to 'motivate' and 'influence.' From my everyday understanding of the use of the word in modern parlance that sounds about right.

In the 14th century, the meaning and use of the word was more aligned with spirituality, or to be 'guided by divine or supernatural' inspiration another definition is to 'exert an animating or enlivening influence.' 


To to be inspired it could be said, is to be filled with

or guided by the gods, to feel their glorious breath upon us. 

Or maybe to have the breath of the divine

as our own breath, our lungs to be filled

with divine life-force… 

to be 'breathed'

by the gods.


We feel a definite shift in our physiology, emotions and connection to the outer world (it all begins in the inner world) when we practice pranayama, or mindfully walking or sitting with focus on the soft gentle breath. After a while, we notice a shift in presence, energy, in prana or life-force, as we simply breathe consciously. Filled with the breath we transform from being the 'breather' to being filled with the life force, to being 'breathed by,' 'inspired' by the divine. 

Our breath, our five senses become extensions of the divine, moved and inspired by the beauty around us, our 'sixth sense' of heart centeredness is revealed and we are truly grateful, playful, joyful and kind, it simply pours out of us without any effort at all. The creator's breath blows through us like a flute and we share and sing our own version of the harmonious sound of the cosmos…Until we freeze and hide…but that's the journey.

So here we can see how important it is to be both inspired, to be inspirational we become part of the breathing process of the divine, the very thing that brings life to the cosmos. 


The Gift of Creative Inspiration.

This journey is a constant ebb and flow of expansion and contraction, inspirer and inspired. I recently found a poem (below) that reminded me of the importance of the company we keep and the impact it can have on us. 

It is the last third of a poem called 'Mysteries, Yes', by American poet Mary Oliver and as I read it, breathed and tuned in I felt a deeper sense of the need for curiosity, sensuality and humility in this process and I felt a deep sense of oneness and joy.

I'm sure reading the poem you'll be inspired in your own personal way, find other layers, and bring your own meaning to it.

Here is Mary Oliver's poem;

"…Let me keep my distance, always, from those

who think they have the answers.

Let me keep company always with those

who say "Look!"

and laugh in astonishment,

and bow their heads."

~Mary Oliver.

I was inspired to write my own version of her beautiful and very observant poem, though mine takes twice as long to say half as much. Her words create so much more space for the reader to engage and to be inspired rather than being taught or told what to think.

But we all have our own style and that's important too.

The breath of the divine 'inspired' me and I wrote this in reply–

If I ask the sun, moon and breeze,

'What are the answers?'

They will be silent,

except for the wind

who'll whisper,

'Open your eyes and ears,

wonder at my friends in the sky,

do rolly-poly's in the grass,

climb trees,

laugh out loud

at your own silly thoughts

and let the tide

wash your grazed knees.

A Forest of Trees.

Hmmm! It's fun to be the vehicle of the divine and to play like a child daily whether with words or many other forms of creativity or on the yoga mat. Mary Oliver's words rippled out from her being (as inspiration from the Divine) and through me, inspiring me to send out my own ripples. They may or may not wash through you and reverberate out in your own personal way. We are all shining the light, guru's of sorts.

A good friend paraphrasing BKS Iyengar shared with me that she agreed with his thoughts that 'sharing in the guru's inspiration is like basking in the sunlight, and the glow lasts for eternity,' I certainly agree. 

If we are patient and show up to the mat, the practice, the daily mindfulness the light, finds its way in, to warm the core of us like the late afternoon sunshine and eventually we become the light and divine inspired breath and share it with the world, and together we all become a majestic forest breathing for the planet.


Something for the Weekend - Breathe, Surrender, Sip Sweet Nectar.

Posted by Yoga Professionals on October 4, 2018 at 11:05 PM Comments comments (1)

Maybe we have a little more time for ourselves at the weekend, maybe not. Here's a short poem with a slow and gentle reminder to be present, mindful, create space with conscious breathing and observe the mind-chatter drift like clouds. Soon enough the sun will come out and we can give thanks.

Breathe, Surrender, Sip Sweet Nectar.

When I have no expectations

it all exceeds my wildest dreams.

I do not think

about what should be,

I take my time,

my own, not yours, or theirs

but mine

and nature’s simple moments

of the divine.

Like the air I breathe

it inspires to great action

yet easily surrenders,

dies to give birth to the next,

a single moment of awareness

on the journey

of unfolding.

I am drawn like the honey bee

to search for colour

and sweetness,

now awakened

to the inter-connected magic

that a flirtatious whisper

can share.

So I breathe, surrender

sip sweet nectar,

take my time,

my own, not yours, or theirs

but nature’s and mine.

It all unfolds


inspired by the



gifts of nature

and the divine.


Yoga Light and it's Infintie Unique Expressions.

Posted by Yoga Professionals on October 3, 2018 at 9:35 PM Comments comments (0)

After reaching out to you all a few weeks ago to share the news that I would like to continue to share Conrad Paul’s light, love and passion for yoga my family and I have received many messages from friend friends and the Yoga Professionals family. Each sharing their condolences, experiences and stories of life after becoming certified yoga instructors, having new and exciting adventures out in the world. The family and I continue to be moved, honoured and truly grateful for each story, your love and support.

Liz Ragasa was one of many students who shared their feelings with me and I was moved and humbled by her words and asked if I might share them.

Here is what she had to say, in her own words:

‘Hi Wayne, thank you for reaching out and sharing this sad news about Conrad. I am so sorry to hear about this and am thinking and praying for you and your family. I was a YP student in 2014/15 class and now I’m a certified yoga instructor. I have cried after reading this news.

My friend and I both embarked on this yoga journey together (by the grace of the universe). We always mention Conrad’s way of teaching and the legacy he left behind of how yoga instructors conduct themselves, he was an amazing teacher full of yoga knowledge and fun banter. I loved his way of teaching and it was an honour to be one of his students. Thank you for sharing and continuing his legacy.’

Liz’s words and thoughts are typical of many beautiful heartfelt messages shared by Conrad’s students (and friends). Thank you for allowing me to share them.

Liz also confided that Conrad’s continual message was for us all to ‘continue to shine the light of yoga’ which he himself shone daily and honoured the philosophies passed down orally from ancient Rishi, down through the lineage documented by Patanjali, Swami Sivananda, Swami Vishnu-Devenenda, Swami Sada Sivananda, to Conrad Paul himself and on to all the students through the Yoga Professionals family.

Each teacher from Rishi to contemporary yogi embodies these traditions, core practices and teachings but ultimately finds their own unique expression to honour and share the gifts of yoga as Conrad did and we all must do. There are an infinte number of expressions of the same yoga light. Let’s shine.

Light-waves linked, strung free,

fine gossamer threads; mala —

a string of light hearts.

Yoga Professionals shares these traditional philosophical routes in the Level 3 Diploma course, grounded in a practical knowledge of teaching asana, pranayama and meditation; along with the realities of the urban yogi’s life both personally and in teaching out in the big wide world.

Like many of the YP family, Liz and her friend (and YP cohort) have now embarked on a new yoga journey, inspired by Conrad’s passion for yoga and the course and will now carry the torch and continue the lineage. Sharing the light in their own unique way Liz through an exciting new company, sharing mindfulness, yoga and meditation with new and eager students…and the passion, love and unique flame continues on.


Namaste - Revolution and the Universe Weeping.

Posted by Yoga Professionals on September 30, 2018 at 9:50 PM Comments comments (1)

For me, being surrounded by many yogis, creatives and ‘alternative’ people, living mostly mindful conscious lives, it’s easy to forget that the majority of the western world and even out here in Asia are ‘busy, busy busy.’

Living a life built on expectations of society, around work, family and many responsibilities is exhausting, but what's the alternative? Why would we think any differently when friends, work colleagues, parents and grandparents are all doing the same?

We have mostly all come from this collective programming, the 'busy as a way to show my worth,' operating system and it can feel like such a lonely place, not that we always recognise this. Deep down we're all searching for meaning, for connection, to feel we belong and this is our truth. We have fallen into a deep sleep of forgetfulness; yoga, the breath, mindfulness and gratitude are all natural states of being that awaken us into each moment. Bringing us back to ourselves and the beginning of the journey to reconnection with others and ultimately the source.

I wrote a simple short prose poem recently after recognising this disconnect and also the power and importance of taking a moment to breathe, drop into the present moment and find a way to connect both to our self and then others. A constant practice I admit, easily lost when busy, "Sorry, I have no time!!!" The Universe weeps like a child when we dismiss it in this way - the child inside us weeps too.

In class as teachers or students of yoga, we do give ourselves a moment and check in, sharing and connecting with the Sanskrit concept Namaste, maybe palms together at the heart centre in Anjali mudra centring us. We verbalize an inner-state of being, a vibration of our truth and divine spark and then honour that truth in another.

We can take this idea further, make Namaste a 'silent verb', a concept we can live like an action, here is the poem -

A revolutionary act

in this time

of no-time

is a gentle smile,

eye contact,

and your hand

reaching for mine.

As teachers, students, friends, family, lovers and divine beings the greatest gift we can give is our time, time to listen, time to see the other without judgement or need to control, holding the space for another's truth. Even for a single moment, this is a 21st-century revolutionary act against a world full of disconnect, corporate, capitalist and ego 'busy.'

The Universe breathes a sigh of relief, weeps at being recognised (as we do ourselves) this time not with sadness but with joy. It begins as a single drop within us and reverberates, a ripple out across space and time.


Life on the Illuminating Edge - Childhood is Over.

Posted by Yoga Professionals on September 27, 2018 at 8:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Childhood is finally over,

now you are not here

I have no one

to play with

my leela brother

by my side,

to dream

it all into existence

dance, sing and confide.

Without you I cannot remember

the chants and incantations

we sung

to call forth protection

from the warm golden sun.

Who will we share our stories

of fairies, kings and queens,

teenage mutant zombie’s

from an 80’s illusory backdrop

not a Hollywood movie screen.

We could always find the


in just about anything,

laugh so loud and hard

at the absurdity,

this Maya masquerade,

even if today

my sense of humour fades

embers remain

glowing in my ribs,

gently stoked

after so many days.

Now what is left

is the silence,


but for Krishna’s soothing flute

and Govinda's innocent smile.

I hear the glory, the simple

melodic truth -

that we have always been one,

born this life

to hold out our arms

for the child,

all creation’s daughters

and lost son’s.

And now a new path

whispers our name

as yet still to unfold

but through the ash and smoke

of a 1000 cremation fires

Shiva’s steps illuminate

beneath our feet,

taking us down


to the answers

of birth and death

and this life

on the illuminating edge.


For Conrad.